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IgE Inhalant Allergy Advanced Test

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CPT Code: 86003*69

Analyte List: Acacia, Alder (Smooth), Alternaria, Ash (White), Aspergillus, Bahia Grass, Bermuda Grass, Bluegrass (Kentucky), Box Elder (Maple), Brome Grass, Candida, Cat, Cedar (Mountain), Cladosporium, Cocklebur, Cockroach, Corn (Cultivated), Cottonwood Tree, Cypress (Bald), Dockweed (Yellow), Dog, Elm (American and Fall Blooming), Ferret, Fescue (Meadow), Gerbil, Goldenrod, Hickory (White), House Dust, Iodine Bush, Johnson Grass, Lamb�s Quarters, Maple (Red), Marsh Elder (Rough), Mexican Tea, Mite (D. Farinae), Mouse, Mulberry (Red and White), Nettle, Oak (Live, White, and Red), Oats, (Cultivated), Oat Grass Tall, Pecan Tree, Penicillium, Pigweed (Spiny and Rough), Plantain (English), Poplar (White), Privet, Rabbit, Ragweed (Giant and Short), Rye (Cultivated), Rye Grass (Perennial), Salt Cedar, Salt Grass, Sheep Sorrel, Sweet Gum, Sycamore, Thimerosal, Timothy Grass, Tree of Heaven, Walnut (Black), Western Water Hemp, Wheat (Cultivated), Willow (Black)


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