Panel de evaluacion avanzada (Internacional)

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Tests included in the Advanced Assessment Panel (Blood Serum):
- Organic Acids Test (urine sample)
- Comprehensive Stool Analysis
- IgG Food Allergy Test (blood serum sample)
- Metals Hair Test - Glyphosate Test
- GPL-Tox

The Advanced Assessment Panel helps identify imbalances that may be the root cause of many chronic conditions and symptoms. Some of the imbalances assessed in this panel include: nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, metabolic imbalances, allergies, imbalances in the microbiome, heavy metal toxicity, gluten and casein sensitivity, and more.
These underlying physiological imbalances can contribute to the patient’s symptoms. Once they are identified the practitioner can determine the most appropriate personalized treatment that can deliver the best results for the patient’s help.
Save money in shipping charges by ordering this panel. All the samples in this panel can be shipped in a single package. This makes this panel more affordable than ordering these tests individually.

Note: A blood draw is required when ordering this panel.


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