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International Clients
Our new policy is to require full prepayment up front for all international test orders. You will be paying for the cost of each test requested and the cost of one inbound and one outbound sample shipment from your individual country. Should you decide to ship your samples back in multiple shipments, you may be held responsible for additional return shipping charges.

For example, if an Organic Acid Test and IgG Food Allergy Test was requested from a patient in Canada then the patient would be billed $259 for the Organic Acid Test, $239 for the IgG Food Allergy Test, $25 for the cost to ship the kits to Canada, and $33 for the cost of overnight return shipping. If the patient were to ship these samples back separately, then they would be billed an additional $33 return shipping fee to account for the additional overnight return shipment. Shipping charges vary depending on your country.

International Test Results

Due to recurrent problems with postal services in different countries, The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. (GPL) now sends only test results via e-mail to physicians and patients outside the United States. Please note that printed test results and hard copies of invoices will no longer be sent via regular mail. 

Hard copies of invoices will be sent via regular mail upon request only. Please make sure you write clearly the e-mail address where you want your test results sent on your test requisition form.
Thank you,
The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. staff

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